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In a modern and creative environment, we offer a full range of high-quality services, with innovative technological equipment and specialized scientific staff, avoiding bureaucratic procedures.

At the Scoliosis SLC center you will find what you need, at the right time, in the right way, ensuring the best result. Provision of effective care in an economical manner and rational allocation of the limited available resources.






Braces by Scoliosis SLC ®

Scoliosis Brace ®: the only brace that operates on 4 levels.

  • Anteroposterior pressure to control pelvic obliquity
  • Lumbar pressure – pelvic bone contact to control pelvic tilt
  • Posterolateral – derotational – lifting pressure – avoiding flat back phenomenon
  • Shoulder lifting combined with pressure towards  the opposite side of the apical segment of the curve (shoulder tilt)
  • Anterolateral  pressure of the pectoral cage to control the ventral prominence of the ribs

Rehab Brace ®: Inovarory  3-dimension brace design.

  • Discreet compensatory support on the xiphoid process of the sternum. Free expansion of the thorax.
  • It does not put any pressure on the axillary nerve.
  • Ability to control lumbar lordosis.
  • A design allowing the sitting position.
  • A steady application, without modifications.

What We can do...for You

3rd generation in the field of conservative treatment of spine deformities. Dionysios Tzatzaliaris, with studies in Germany, continuous information and training, and more than 20 years of experience, inaugurated the new era in the field. By investing in knowledge and technology, he created and developed the conditions for correct and successful treatment.

Consistently, since 1952, we remain faithful to our principles, with special respect for the human factor. Our commitment is to continue our efforts to better achieve our mission and goals and at the same time to continue to grow, dedicated to quality service for the satisfaction of those who trust us.

The term know-how means the whole or some part of the concepts, knowledge or experience, concerning the necessary processes or methods in the production of products (el. We at the Scoliosis SLC center can and do offer it to you.

“Man is the answer, whatever the question” – André Breton

Our focus and priority are you. Our purpose is your safety and correct information, having experienced and specialized personnel to help with the right choice of treatment.

All measurement equipment operates without any radiation.

The 21st century’s challenge leads us to develop applications and structures as well as specialized technologies and techniques with the evolution of recorded information and experience, using accumulated knowledge as an advantage.

What You tell… for Us

Our identity

Since 1952 to this date, the Scoliosis SLC center specializes in the treatment of spine deformities such as scoliosis, kyphosis, etc. manufacturing braces and Physiotherapeutic Scoliosis Specific Exercises- PSSE.

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Dimitrios tzatzaliaris

in 1952, the officer of the Military Orthopaedics Laboratory of Athens, Dimitrios Tzatzaliaris, wrote the first manual for the military department, in order to train orthopaedic technicians and to start the first brace devices in Greece.

Konstantinos Tzatzaliaris

He deservedly continued the tradition in the manufacture of braces and developed it. With innovative machines and a new way of taking measures with plaster, he continued the construction of spinal braces, with passion and love, aiming to correct kyphosis and scoliosis mainly in children.

Dionysios Tzatzaliaris

Now, in the hands of the 3rd generation, we are ushering in the new era of Scoliosis Spine Laser Center, investing in both knowledge and technology. By inheriting the know-how and having in our DNA the ability to use advanced technology, we incorporate the most modern and innovative in equipment of the Scoliosis SLC center.