The Scoliosis SLC centre is a modern and pioneering unit in the conservative treatment of spine deformities, which invested in the most advanced technological means available on the world market.

The advanced technological equipment with the use of the 4th Generation Laser, guarantees the completely personalized construction of braces, according to the particular needs of each user, replacing the bulky, fixed laser scanners of the past, with the inability to scan areas such as shoulders and armpits, which limited the accurate transport of the scanned body, as well as the lack of portability.

The now outdated and mentally painful for a teenager plaster technique of taking measurements has been replaced by body scanning (electronic scanning) and computerized rehearsal.

In more detail, a scanner with a camera “scans” the body in three dimensions, digitizes its surface by transferring the exact data to the computer and offers absolute precision measurement. In conjunction with the electronic sensor and digital software, quick and reliable measurement is achieved, accurately recording (0.4 mm) the surface of the body, without coming into contact with it and without radiation.

The use of the 4th generation laser technology allows the manufacture of thinner (3mm) and much lighter braces (400-600gr).

A procedure that does not create psychological problems for the teenager and lasts only 40 seconds!

With this method, is achieved the design and manufacture of corrective and supportive braces, which are distinguished by their stability, precision in dimensions, emphasis on detail and their perfect fit to the user’s body, without being visible under clothes.

All Scoliosis SLC constructions are approved by National Organization for Medicines, Lloyds certified, CE approved and come with a 2-YEAR written WARRANTY