The Scoliosis Spine Laser Centre and the importance of prevention

In Greece, the concept of prevention has been identified in the conscience of most people with the annual diagnostic check-up.

The diagnostic check-up is of course useful. However, it constitutes only a part of prevention, secondary prevention.

To this end, at the Scoliosis SLC centre, we have developed organised prevention programmes which help control unhealthy habits and adopt habits which protect and foster skeletal health.

Prevention involves mobilisation of people or “motivating” them to steer their lifestyle into a better direction.

As far as secondary prevention is concerned, timely diagnosis, with special diagnostic tests in order to verify or detect any health problems before the appearance of any clinical symptoms, allows for an immediate and efficient cure.

The importance of prevention is undeniable.

A major sector of prevention is the correct and timely information. Prevention is the most modern and efficient way to address the main diseases of our times.

The goal is to timely detect any change whatsoever and to efficiently treat it. This is how many negative conditions, annually affecting millions of people around the world, can be treated.

The latest research results prove that preventive “screening” significantly reduces various predisposition risk factors which threaten our health and should be regularly checked in order to enable us to immediately address the issue at an early stage.

Scoliosis SLC: “Prevention and Skeletal Health”

“It is better to prevent than cure”

Our ancestors, in their wisdom, formulated this didactic saying thousands of years ago, which should be of particular concern to the contemporary person. There is no doubt that health is the most precious gift of all. Yet, what do we do about that?

The Scoliosis SLC centre is inaugurating the pioneering of the Greek reality programme “Prevention and Skeletal Health”

It is addressed to all of you, applied to all of you, and created for all of you. Our programme is expanding every day to schools, education institutions, sports associations, cultural unions, companies, and businesses, to achieve prevention and correct skeletal development.

Scoliosis SLC: The spine has requirements

The spine supports everything, directly and indirectly: the head, the upper and lower limbs, all the organs of the thorax and the abdomen.

It is only when a problem arises in our body that we realise the huge amount of work it does.

The first spine deformities are noted in pre-adolescents and adolescents, rapidly evolving until their development is complete and continues at a deterioration pace throughout adult life.

Annual check-ups, starting in childhood, are indispensable and it is absolutely unthinkable that in today’s modern society they are not effected.

Adequate and full annual check-ups can prevent diseases which are not always very serious if only they are timely detected. Problems and conditions which affect, bodily, emotionally and financially not only our life but also the life of those who love us and take care for us.

Scoliosis SLC: Spine Check-up

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Observing the saying “better prevent than cure”, we have set an annual check-up package for the whole family, according to the particular needs of each age.

The Scoliosis SLC centre, operating with love for our work and care towards all of you as our compass, offers to vulnerable groups specially formulated screening packages at special rates.

* To the unemployed we offer 50% discount

* To families with many children we offer a 20% discount

* To pensioners we offer a 20% discount

The Scoliosis SLC, in matters of prevention, secures

A complete screening in just 45 minutes, since all the sections are gathered in one place and the tests are effected in absolute coordination so as to avoid any waiting time between tests.

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