The BOSTON type brace is used in the treatment of scoliosis, kyphosis and post-operative situations in both adults and children.

A corrective, below arm brace, light and thin, opening-closing in the back.

Each brace user is considered individually. After thorough clinical examination (x-rays, the right and accurate points of corrective pressure are located as well as the corresponding areas of relief so as not to hinder breathing, cause pain or difficulty in daily movement.

Creating good support to the hips, with steady and adequate pressure, keeping smooth the inner and outer surfaces, we guarantee a thorough and excellent make with fine finishing.

Using a BOSTON-type brace, corrections are achieved, both in scoliosis and kyphosis, as well as in the spine rotation, in the height difference of the pelvis as well as in supporting and holding the bones.

Used as a post-operative brace, in addition to retaining and supporting the spine, the BOSTON type brace also corrects the sagittal imbalance.

The BOSTON brace history started in the 70s when for the first time a body brace was fabricated with a thermoplastic material after creating a cast.

Measurements used to be taken in a special bed, where the body was wrapped in plaster bandages. The internal side of the protoplasm was in a second time filled with plaster and the final mould was created. Then the mould was polished with rasps, leaving pressure points where needed.

Finally, they would place a thermoplastic material and, with adequate interventions, create the BOSTON brace form. At that time, they used to line the interior of the brace with a foam material – plastazot. The thickness of the brace could reach 16mm and its weight was 1.5 kg at least.

In our present day, the mode of fabrication remains basically the same.

The Scoliosis SLC centre, technologically pioneering, changed radically the measurement system, the creation and cutting of the cast and brought the BOSTON type brace up-to-date, covering the needs of today with the specifications of the future, with a thickness that does not exceed 3mm and a weight ranging between 700 and 900g.

The BOSTON type braces fabricated at the Scoliosis SLC centre are made of hypoallergenic, thermoplastic material, Polypropylene or Polyethylene, duralumin and straps, without any internal lining. Easy to clean, without causing any bad odours, they can be comfortably worn all day and at night

The Scoliosis SLC centre offers the following services free of charge during the treatment:

  • Formetric 4D measurement to control the corrections while we keep a follow-up protocol from the first visit.
  • Repeated controls in order to enhance the pressures and relieves because of the somatometric variations brought forth by growth and the correction of the spine due to the use of the brace.
  • Choice of pattern and colour.
  • Special undershirt, long, hypoallergenic, 100% cotton, made in Greece, seamless, in order to avoid any irritation.
  • Instructions on the use and maintenance of the brace.
  • Transportation bag.
  • 2-year warranty.

The duration of use, the time-table and the type of brace are set on a case-by-case basis, always in collaboration with the treating physician and the orthopaedics technician specialist at our centre.