The cooperation between a CAD (design) system and a CAM (manufacturing) system in order to digitally direct a CNC (Carver Robot) machine tool.

With the highly accurate and reliable CAD-CAM programs, we can design and process digitally, without deviations, the body in three dimensions.

They offer the possibility to design, modify and correct the original model, using the special cutting, grinding and filling tools.

We input the brace user’s somatometric data (x-rays and photos) into the software and 3D modelling and model the brace’s stresses and strains.

We can and do intervene in spinal curvature and correct shoulder and pelvic tilts.

Finally, having created the final mould in detail, personalization and parameterization, it is processed by the CAM software and we move to the final cutting stage.

Carver Robot

Having created the final mould in the CAM software, we digitally pass the files to CARVER’s onboard computer to engrave with an accuracy of 0.4mm.

We place the block of special polyurethane on the central, vertical axis with a rotating base, and moving, cutting tools give the final mould.

Special, thermoplastic material, hypoallergenic for the human body, is applied to the mould and placed again in the carver-robot, where the second phase of cutting takes place and the original form of the brace is obtained.

Using digital technology, we manufacture perfect braces.