In the 70s, Frenchman Jacques Cheneau, based on the theory of three-dimensional correction of scoliosis, created and presented for the first time the homonymous brace.

In the 90s, he himself brought modifications. It is used world-wide.

The Cheneau brace exercises pressures on the curves’ convexity while relieving the curves’ concavity. It may also intervene in the rotation of the vertebrae and align the spine (coronal balance).

Aesthetically asymmetrical, smaller and lighter, (400-600g), the Cheneau brace (scoliosis and kyphosis) and Light Cheneau brace (scoliosis) are much easier to use, without any metal pressure components, all the supports are internally placed and the anterior opening-closing provides the user absolute autonomy.

A corrective and not merely a support brace, functional and easy to use in the daily life of a teenager.

Upon delivery of the Cheneau or Light Cheneau brace, multiple trials are effected in order to achieve the perfect fitting.

The Scoliosis SLC centre offers the following services free of charge during the treatment:

  • Formetric 4D measurement to control the corrections while we keep a follow-up protocol from the first visit.
  • Repeated controls in order to enhance the pressures and relieves because of the somatometric variations brought forth by growth and the correction of the spine due to the use of the brace.
  • Choice of pattern and colour.
  • Special undershirt, long, hypoallergenic, 100% cotton, made in Greece, seamless, in order to avoid any irritation.
  • Instructions on the use and maintenance of the brace.
  • Transportation bag.
  • 2-year warranty.

The duration of use, the time-table and the type of brace are set on a case-by-case basis, always in collaboration with the treating physician and the orthopaedics technician specialist at our centre.