First Assessment

Well aware of the responsibility and obligation we have towards you, we have established the Scoliosis SLC centre in such a way as to enable us to offer the best quality services, to satisfy even the most demanding amongst you.

Within the framework of the most efficient treatment, we always start our joint venture by keeping at all times personal contact with you, listening to you and answering your questions and giving you the best quality answers and solutions, hence enabling you to make the best decision, always with regards to your own needs.

Our experience, after three generations of continuous work, taught us that each person in need of a brace and Physiotherapeutic Scoliosis Specific Exercises- PSSE must be approached individually, taking into account their personal preferences and requirements.

At our first appointment, the first assessment is made.

In the beginning, we shall examine your medical files, evaluating any symptoms you may have and we shall discuss with you any previous treatment you may have had for your back problems. We will then carry out a screening and assessment of your spine and lower limbs

Both the use of a brace, as well as the Physiotherapeutic Scoliosis Specific Exercises-PSSE, are important to be carried out, having an accurate and detailed clinical picture of all the measurements, without subjecting you to exaggerations.

By evaluating the degrees and having the ability to visualize possible uneven limb length, the difference in pelvic height, tilt and turn of the spine as well as misalignment of the spinal axis, we are able to know the most ideal treatment, always in collaboration with the treating physician.