At the Scoliosis SLC centre, we put our emphasis both on the initial stage, which is the adequate and efficient manufacture of a brace, and on the treatment progress of the user

At the first fitting – delivery, part of the pressure and pressure relief points have been set, in order to enable the body to gradually adapt without violence to the new conditions.

When applied as prescribed and during the hours indicated by the treating physician, the body gradually changes position within the brace, which is what we wish for and expect.

During the treatment, follow-up control is necessary, in order to add the proper support points regulating the pressures exercised and the pressure relief points, as well as the straps, allowing the brace to continue its dynamic corrective action.

According to the progress and development of the child, changes in height also occur. Hence follow-up and close cooperation between the physician, the orthotist, the child and his parents, is mandatory.

At every follow-up control, the following are effected:

A procedure which guarantees the aimed result.

At the Scoliosis SLC centre, we respect and acknowledge the necessity of follow-up controls. Driven by the love for our work and the children, we are committed to providing re-checks throughout the treatment, WITHOUT ANY CHARGE, using the best quality materials.