FORMETRIC 4D screening

Tridimensional imaging and analysis, highly accurate and reliable,
without any radiation

At the Scoliosis SLC center there is the Formetric 4D system, a three-dimensional imaging and analysis method, highly accurate and reliable, without any radiation.

A method indicated for children, adolescents and adults but also for pregnant women.

The Formteric scan is used to assess and monitor the curvature, rotation and deviation of the spinal axis. This is achieved by isolating numerous anatomical indicators of the examined individual’s back.

From a schematic scan, we are able to measure quantitatively and record a person’s body characteristics, posture, scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis and many other forms of spinal deformity.

The 4D software is able, in one second, without radiation and contactless (without touching the examined person), receives 600.000 elements from the body and records 400 different measurements.

It has been proved to be a useful tool for reviewing the “actual condition of the individual” as compared with the previous methods.

In a very short period of time, the Formetric 4D System can accurately assess:

  • The weight distribution
  • The position of the pelvis – including the rotation, the lateral, anterior/posterior deviation
  • Symmetry of the lumbar line
  • Frontal deformity
  • Coronal deformity
  • Sagittal deformity, including kyphosis and lordosis assessment
  • Shoulders’ levels
  • Head position
  • Neck aligning and straightening

It concerns you all who trust us to correctly inform you, both with respect to the preventive testing and the treatment, until the full development of your child.

Preventive screening is of particular importance, as there are many cases that develop during late adolescence and are not diagnosed during early adolescence.

It is very important to know that all adolescents must be examined annually during their growth.

At your first visit, we examine you and create a chart of skeletal health, to follow up on the development and course of the spine, therapeutic or preventive.

In cases where treatment is required, we keep a file from the first up to the last Formetric 4D measurement, to enable us to see the gradual corrections of the brace, the scoliotic and kyphotic grade, the rotation and the inclination of the pelvis, the rotation of the spine and also the sagittal and coronal deformity.

In the past, the comparison was effected by x-rays. Today, at the Scoliosis SLC centre, we can reduce them at least by 50%.

We are close to you and we take care of both the treatment of spine diseases and the best possible psychological support you may need.

You trust us – we care for you

We are constantly trying to evolve and move forward with you for the best result.

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