Pelmatogram using a Pelmatograph by Scoliosis SLC

A modern, brief and radiation-free examination.

The pelmatograph is a diagnostic medical device of digital technology, which works without radiation with hundreds or even thousands of digital scanning sensors, which record the pressures exerted on each point of the foot when it is in contact with its surface, the walking time, balance in relation to the body’s center of gravity, analysis of gait as well as loading of the foot arch, and with the possibility of 3D visualization and analysis per measurement. A computer is connected to the device, which collects, processes and analyzes this specific information.

During the Pelmatogram (the result of the measurement of the pelmatograph), the pressures on the lower limbs are recorded, the support surface, angles and distances are precisely measured and the stability of the examinee is analyzed, a gait test is carried out simultaneously with the lower limbs’ examination.

There are two types of pelmatographs.

  • The static one, where the person stands on the platform and the data (foot shape, pressure distribution, balance, support surface and more) are recorded on the computer and
  • The dynamic, where the examinee walks on the platform at walking speed and the computer records the data (type and time of walking, weight distribution, body axis during walking and many other parameters), while accurately detecting the weight distribution and the foot morphology.
Στατικός Πελματογράφος
Δυναμικός Πελματογράφος

The Scoliosis SLC centre has both.

The advantage of the pelmatograph is that no special preparation is needed, the examinee does not feel anything, there is no intake of drugs, and the examination is short and economical.

A thorough diagnostic check includes:

  • observation of the spine alignment
  • measurement of flatfoot/pes planovalgus
  • accurate measurement of the length of the lower limbs (unequal legs’ length)
  • setting out/discussing the findings and therapeutic approaches, where deemed necessary