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Center for Conservative Treatment of Spinal Conditions

Spine Laser Center

Since 1952 and to the present day, the Scoliosis SLC center, specialises in the treatment of spine deformities such as scoliosis, kyphosis,, braces manufacturing , applying Physiotherapeutic Scoliosis Specific Exercises- PSSE, Pelmatogram and orthotic insoles.

New tech machines and a perfectly trained staff guarantee the excellent quality of the braces customised to the needs of each user.

Starting with the study of the opinion of the treating physician and then taking measures for the brace, which is carried out by scanning with a scanner, we are able to manufacture a thin (3mm) and very light (400-600gr) corrective and supportive brace. All Scoliosis SLC devices are approved by the National Organisation for Medicines, certified by Lloyds, have CE approval and are accompanied by a 2-year written guarantee.

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What is scoliosis?

The abnormal twisting and curvature of the spine to the right or left is called scoliosis.

Children’s habit of carrying heavy objects with one hand or leaning their bodies sideways when sitting is not likely to cause permanent lateral bending of the spine.

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The Scoliosis SLC center has been operating, all these years, with the human factor as the main criterion, taking care, of both, the treatment of spinal diseases and the psychology of the brace user.

This is the reason why we make braces in so many different designs and colours, for you to choose from.

Combining the proper brace with Physiotherapeutic Scoliosis Specific Exercises- PSSE is the most effective approach to addressing scoliosis and kyphosis.

At the Scoliosis SLC center we provide specialized exercise programs using the most internationally recognized methods, the Schroth method and the SEAS method.

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Systematic research constitutes the most important step towards the future That is why Scoliosis SLC contributes dynamically to the elaboration of research and studies based on skeletal health statistical data. Conducting research gives the possibility of capturing specific data and drawing valuable conclusions about the skeletal health of children and adolescents, the posture of men and women, habits and actions that affect the course and quality of life of adults.

Research constitutes also one of the main tools for developing and designing new exclusive products (braces). The study of the efficacy of in-brace correction of the Cobb angle offers our center innovative solutions and an active role in progress.

Wanting to document the results of the Scoliosis Brace ® in thoracolumbar scoliosis with research data as well, we supported a pilot study (15 subjects) which was presented at the 16th Phillip Zorab International Symposium in Dublin with great success.

Scoliosis SLC has been active since 1952 in the field of prevention, diagnosis and rehabilitation of spinal conditions.

Its success is based on a full range of services, which provide a set of integrated solutions while perfectly meeting the needs of the medical community and the public.

The evolutionary path of Scoliosis SLC leads us into the hands of the 3rd generation, with Dionysios Tzatzaliaris, scientific manager of the laboratory, designing with inspiration, manufacturing with innovative equipment, knowledge and enhanced scientific potential and evolving the conservative restoration of the problems of spinal conditions.

Today, the Scoliosis SLC center, with constant information and contact with domestic and international agencies, monitors and participates in the scientific developments of the field, offering safety and security to those who choose its services.

It is a modern and pioneering unit that has invested in cutting-edge technology of the international market.

Scoliosis SLC is committed to the quality excellence of its products and services, a studied business plan, which gives substantial results, while constantly looking for better, more qualitative, reliable and innovative solutions.

In every activity of the center, the reference point is the satisfaction of our customers. We are driven to deliver value and inspire our customers because we recognize and appreciate being chosen, look to the future and seize opportunities for growth.