At our company, the basic principle and commitment of the Management as well as the efforts of every executive officer is to offer our customers reliable products and services which cover in full their needs as well as the relevant legislative and regulatory requirements. This will results in:
  • Customers’ satisfaction for the products and services offered
  • compliance with the safety and reliability standards
  • cost reduction and improvement of the overall efficiency of the company
In order to achieve all of the above, we have developed and applied a Quality Management System in compliance with ISO 9001/2015, ISO 13485/2016 and Ministerial Decree Υ.Α. 1348/2004. We provide all the necessary resources for the operation of our company. We set Quality targets the success of which is regularly controlled during the annual Review by the Management. The effort to continuously improve the Quality Management System is our goal and principal commitment. Based on the expertise, experience, professionalism and enhanced capacities of our executives but also on the actual commitment of the Management to support our customers, enabling them to benefit of all the opportunities arising, within the framework of the new scientific and technological developments, our company SCOLIOSIS SLC D. TZATZLIARIS – S. TSIRIGOTIlooks forward to:
  • the systematic satisfaction of all customers for the services offered,
  • in maintainability but also increasing its clientele,
  • in further strengthening its good name in the market
  • and finally to a steady increase in its market share
The Quality Management Officer, appointed by the ”Scoliosis SLC” D. Tzatzaliaris – S. Tsirigoti has the authority and jurisdiction to supervise the implementation, operation and continuous improvement of the Quality System.