Scoliosis SLC history

Without a past, no future is possible

Braces of the past and braces of the present with the technology of the “future”

From yesterday…


At the end of World War II, in 1952, Dimitrios Tzatzaliaris, an officer of the Military Orthopaedics Laboratory of Athens, (S.O.E.A.), aiming to the rehabilitation of the body using orthopaedic devices, wrote the first manual for the military department, in order to train the technicians’ orthopaedics and to start the first brace devices in Greece.

A pioneer, he cooperated with orthopaedics, physiatrists, physiotherapists, etc. With very few machines at his disposal, he manufactured customised handmade braces, using leather, steel and iron.


Later on, he passed his work to his son Konstantinos Tzatzaliaris, who worthily continued and developed the tradition of manufacturing braces. With pioneering machines and new methods of measurement, using plaster, he continued manufacturing spine braces, with care and love, mainly aiming to the correction of kyphosis and scoliosis in children.

… to the present day


With wide strategic horizons, a long-sighted approach, design and vision, making the best of all the privileges passed from generation to generation, Dionysios Tzatzaliaris, 3rd generation invests in knowledge and, turned towards innovation, continuously enhances the place of technology. As the scientific head of the laboratory, he inaugurates a new era, creating the Scoliosis Spine Laser Center.

With reinforced staffing, beyond the family basis, he adopts and applies the leading and best technology (or state-of-the-art technology), integrates the most modern and pioneering equipment at the Scoliosis SLC Centre, feeds into further development and acquires the best reputation, both within the medical/scientific community and among the patients/recipients of the centre’s services.

His designs are inspired and the braces he manufactures are pioneering and developing, through research, existing braces, upgrading the use thereof, and improving the users’ life quality, both practically and psychologically.

Today, the Scoliosis SLC centre, with its continuous connection with national and foreign agencies and research centres, monitors and participates in the scientific progress of the field, offering safety and security to those who chose its services, both for scoliosis-kyphosis and for the correction of spine deformities in general, at all ages, with the design, manufacture and application of the brace as well as with Physiotherapeutic Scoliosis Specific ExercisesPSSE