What is it that we do at the Scoliosis SLC center?

Understanding your needs overall comprehensively and in-depth contributes to offering you high-standard services.

In a modern and creative environment, with pioneering technological equipment, well-trained manpower and specialised scientific collaborators, avoiding all bureaucratic procedures, we consistently support your needs and offer you quality solutions.

At the Scoliosis SLC center, you shall find what you need, in due time and adequately, assuring hence optimal results.

Efficient care, complete and personalised services with a rational attribution of the restricted resources available.

With continued updating and connections with domestic and international agencies, the Scoliosis SLC centre follows dynamically the scientific developments in the field, elaborating quality solutions and offering safety and security in the prevention, diagnosis and rehabilitation of skeletal deformities at all ages.

There is no adult with a problem in his body who didn’t have the same problem as a teenager.

The first deformities of the spine are observed in pre-teens and teens with rapid evolution until their full development and deterioration all along their adult life.

We want healthy children today and healthy adults tomorrow.

Whatever your needs, we are here for you, supporting you and building daily a relationship based on trust which brings the both of us to the first line…