Technology has no boundaries. No restrictions.

We, at the Scoliosis SLC centre, believe that:

State-of-the-art technology per se is not sufficient if it is not backed with know-how and longstanding experience”


The list of innovative technologies providing relief to patients in the health sector is endless and the developments in the field are extremely rapid.

Technological equipment has always been a basic priority and the main investment at our Centre.

Using the most advanced design and manufacture machinery and software, (CAD-CAM), CNC machine tools, with the aid of special cutting tools and the millimetre accuracy they provide, an orthotist highly experienced, knowledgeable and conscientious manufactures perfect braces, without technical errors.

Once the measurement procedure with a 4th generation laser scanner is completed, we begin the elaboration of a 3D model.We integrate the x-ray to the scanned body so that the corrections we effectuate are accurate, creating a balance on both sides and we make the support basis of the brace, at the hips, in order to enable us to effect rotations, we continue with our corrections, first with the pressures and derotations, leaving space for pressures and relieves.

We place again the x-ray to check if we were accurate or if any modifications are required. The next step is elongation because when we correct the body, we definitely gain also in skeletal height.

Technology gives us the possibility to manufacture the brace quickly and neatly while minimising the margin of error.

At this stage, we have almost completed the manufacturing procedure, combining the power of technology, knowledge and experience.

What remains to be done is to smooth the 3D model and the cutting curves of the brace in order to see the final result before sending it to the robot. We then set the mould properly without any gaps and the cutting begins.

In order to manufacture the proper mould, we have put to use both man’s knowledge and computer’s power…

We wonder, would technology be so essential in the wrong hands?

Once the mould is formed and cut, we revert it with the special hypoallergenic-certified thermoplastic and it is introduced once again in the robot, to be cut according to the body of the model and there 90% of the testing is effected, reducing efficiently the waiting time.

At the Scoliosis SLC centre, we have the knowledge, the experience and the trained manpower, both technologically and empirically. Combined with the most advanced equipment state of art equipment, with the most adequate and specialised personnel to handle it, we are in a position to design and manufacture products covering very specific needs.

Our Commitment

At the Scoliosis SLC centre we are committed to the quality excellence of our products and services, and an accurate design, with effective results, while we are continuously seeking better, higher quality, reliable and innovative solutions.